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Revo Protein dietary supplement products are for those who like to live an active, sporting life and to eat healthy food, but who would not settle for anything. Carefully selected, quality raw materials, perfect solubility, flavour optimisation developed for milk, vegetable milk and water, and unique design are all important for us. Revo protein and collagen drinks support protein consumption as a lifestyle habit, fostering numerous positive physiological effects.


Supporting your beauty and health effectively is indispensable for a conscious, self-confident and balanced life. The main ingredients of Revo products are collagen, hyaluronic acid, L-lysine, Q10, minerals, vitamins, and natural substances. Your skin, hair, nails, teeth, joints and the processes of your organism will be grateful for the daily regular use of gluten-, sugar- and lactose-free, high-quality products. Revo’s beauty-enhancing products cover the daily ideal intake of collagen, minerals and vitamins in one single drink.


collagen & immuno+

Apart from its refreshing fruit flavour, Revo Collagen mango-pineapple drink will also evoke numerous positive physiological effects in your organism. Among others, its high collagen content (12,000 mg / portion) slows down the aging of skin, prevents hair loss, keeps your nails and teeth healthy, and supports the regeneration of muscles. Its carefully selected vitamin essence strengthens the immune system, preparing it to combat viruses. It is best when consumed with water. It is gluten-, lactose- and sugar-free, and does not include any artificial colouring.

€ 50,9


With high-quality ingredients and a development process optimised for efficiency, Revo proteins support an active and healthy lifestyle. Compiled by doctors, the products are gluten-, sugar- and lactose-free, or may as well consist of wholly vegan ingredients. Taste sensation is unique in each case, as the products are developed to match the accompanying liquid of your preference, whether it be water, or milk of animal or any vegetable origin.


luxury vegan protein

Despite the pure vegan raw materials, with Revo Vegan salt caramel a cathartic taste sensation is guaranteed. The seduction of salt caramel makes vegan protein powder an irresistible partner in everyday life. Manufactured from premium ingredients, it provides a creamy texture—whether mixed with vegetable milk or water—and its solubility is outstanding. Due to the use of pea and rice protein, it is suitable for lactose and milk protein sensitive individuals as well. It is also a perfect raw material to prepare healthy vegan breakfasts, desserts and other delicacies. The product is gluten-, lactose-, sugar- and soy-free.

€ 22,9


Revo is the ambassador of an active and healthy lifestyle. Developed for lifestyle proteins and collagens, supplements make it easier to live a conscious lifestyle, and help you overcome obstacles quickly.

revo x dyras

smoothie maker
limited edition

Created as a joint development of Revo and Dyras, the key feature of the limited edition smoothie maker is that during blending it will preserve valuable fibres that are important for your organism. Not only is this limited edition utensil a unique design element in your kitchen, but thanks to its useful portable bottle you can also take Revo drinks anywhere with you.

€ 28,9

€ 25,9


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