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Thanks to its excellent composition, Revo Collagen & Immuno is the perfect choice for those who care about supporting their beauty and protecting their immune system. Its high bovine collagen content effectively contributes to the preservation of the youth and firmness of your skin, and helps to reduce wrinkles. It actively supports the improvement and strengthening of your hair and nails. It also has an important role in the protection of tendons and joints. Revo Luxury Protein is a must for those who love quality raw materials, and live an active, health-conscious life.

What does an intake of the Revo Beauty & Fit package guarantee?

  • 12,000 mg bovine collagen per portion
  • Vitamins (C and D)
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Sugar-, lactose- and gluten-free ingredients
  • 19 g protein
  • Natural colouring
  • Refreshing mango-pineapple flavoured collagen powder
  • 33 day supply of collagen
  • 20 day supply of protein

The package includes one Revo Collagen & Immuno and one marzipan flavoured Revo Luxury Protein.

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